Borne In Fire's founder, Thomas Rice, has over 25 years of experience in both the field and shop, as a master metalsmith and soldier.

Growing up on ranch and farm, in the backwoods, I quickly learned the value of a good knife from my father. My father served during the Korean War as a ranger and the NCOIC for special weapons platoon. He never spoke much of his experiences during the war. Instead, he taught by example so many of the things that have played a big part in my survival, including respect for God and Country.

My military experience is sharply divided between three tours. My first tour I served as an Aircraft Structural Repairer for a Combat Aviation Brigade. Both my individual work and teamwork were recognized in part when I received the division Mechanic of the Year Award and had the privilege of having breakfast with General Collen Powell. A short time later, I was encouraged to enlist as a Intelligence Analyst, and once more was assigned to a Combat Aviation Brigade. My skills caught the attention of Lt. Col. William Vogal, who approached me to join a new unit he was forming, which as he stated would be, "high speed, low drag'. Suffering from a sudden bout of hubris, I quickly volunteered, not knowing that I had just joined the then forming 4-123rd Assault Helicopter Regiment, 6th ID (L), also known as Task Force 123, sister unit to Task Force 160th.

To the point at hand, I carried a number of edged tools, including a Marine Corps bowie from Vietnam. It was, and remains a great tool. I was impressed with the 1095 steel in the blade for it's edge holding ability under extreme use. While on an outing at the request of my Uncle Sam, the blade failed in a situation which could have ended poorly for myself. I don't blame the tool. Nonetheless, I was inspired to design a tool that was beyond anything I had ever seen in performance downrange, in most all the tasks I had encountered. It took months of work and the design and continued to evolve ever since. That was over twenty years ago, and the Bastard SeriesĀ©, are still in use and more wide spread then ever.



Blade Magazine March 2016

Borne In Fire's products have been tested and reviewed by many experts, and even featured in magazines such as Blade Magazine.